Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Conference
May 27 – 29, 2024 | Portoroz, Slovenia, Europe

Diversity and Inclusion

We are all great witches and wizards but in the first place – humans. Let’s use the most powerful magic, ⭐humanity⭐,  to embrace diversity and inclusion!

At DynamicsMinds we strive to respect, value and treat everyone fairly regardless of their race, age, gender, religion, disability, education, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status or anything else.

Bring your own perspective to DynamicsMinds! The magic grows stronger with diversity 💪

Panels and Sessions

Host: Steve Brooks
Panelists: Becky Lymberis, Elena Baeva
Are you curious about what “Allyship” means for you and for the people you work with? Haven’t we all been in situations when we wished we said something or did something to support another colleague when they felt vulnerable or in a disadvantageous position? Join this session to learn what Allyship means and dispel some myths about it. You will walk away with a better understanding of how to get it right, demonstrate integrity and respect. Hear our panel speakers’ allyship examples and the impact it had on their colleagues. It is not about being heroes. A simple question or a gesture can go a long way in making people feel phycological safety.

Host: Elena Baeva

Panelists: Monique Hayward,  Vicky Critchley, Peter de Bruin, Rachel Profitt, and Andrew Bibby

Everyone talks about diversity and inclusion but what does it actually mean for your team, organization or community?

There are different types of diversity: gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, neurodiversity, age, education, religion, social background, personality, etc.

Then everyone is born with a bias so how do you as a person and a leader know how to address it? Also, how do you become a better ally for the people you work with: your colleagues, your suppliers, your customers, and the wider community overall?

Being inclusive is not just doing the right thing, it can help your company become more innovative, increase efficiency and grow faster.

Join our session to learn about industry research that demonstrates the benefits of celebrating diversity in our Dynamics community. Our panel speakers from key partners, Microsoft and highly successful professionals will share their best inclusion practices.

Speaker: Rachel Profitt

More than 1 billion people in the world live with a disability. Want to learn how you can be a better ally to those 1 billion people? Join me in this session as I explore ways you can be an ally, including some tips and tricks for your email, social media, Teams meetings, and daily interactions with others.

Speaker: Sandra Koutzenko

We all know that the lack of talent is a big obstacle for growth in the Microsoft Business Applications area, and we all agree on the necessity to fix this – regardless of our roles within the industry.

Many BizApps Partners say that their main success blocker is the lack of talent. Experienced consultants are also feeling the strain of being unable to find trained and reliable collaborators.

Yet, we seem to be going around in circles and repeating the same partners where companies are poaching the same talent from each-other.

What we need is a mindset shift from us all in the community. We all want to grow the talent pool, and we can all contribute small elements to making it happen – whether we are consultants working individually or representatives of companies in the Microsoft ecosystem.

This session offers concrete, yet easy steps everybody in the BizApps industry can take to participate in creating net new BizApps talent, and ultimately, ensure this growing community can truly thrive.

Session agenda:

  • What makes now an essential turning point for creating net new talent in BizApps.
  • How companies can easily implement net new talent creation programs that will be successful and rewarding.
  • How experienced BizApps consultants can take small steps to make a big difference (inspiring others to train, mentoring new talent).
  • How to address common challenges / objections to creating new talent rather than hiring experienced consultants.
  • Taking action – identifying one small step you can take now to make a difference.

Speakers: Vicky Critchley & Renee Sunnar

In this session, we will explore how important it is to create an inclusive culture to hire and keep the very best talent in your organization.

If talent acquisition, rising salary demands and recruiters are a problem for your business then this session is for you! We will learn about best practices from some of the Dynamics community with practical tips that you can use immediately.

Host: Patricia Maia
Panellists: Becky Lymberis, David Warner, Ana Ines Urrutia de Souza, and Luis Fernandes
The lack of talent is at the top of every CEO’s agenda. Attracting the right skills is very hard which makes employee retention even more important. Some of the top reasons why people leave their jobs are because they don’t find their roles fulfilling, they can’t be truly themselves at work, they don’t feel their team cares about their wellbeing and they can’t be creative/innovative in their jobs (PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022). How can mentoring contribute to nurturing and growing your top people? Whether you mentor internally, or leverage external resources, mentoring can help professionals feel they are cared for, they start thinking creatively about career development and being more productive which can ultimately lead to your company growth. Join our panel to discuss the benefits and tips on how to get started with mentoring.

Women in Dynamics

The almighty ⭐witches⭐ of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Community, with unlimited magical power and strength.

Promoting inclusivity in the Dynamics Community

Women in Dynamics promotes inclusivity in the Dynamics Community. It’s our mission to shape the Dynamics community into the most diverse & inclusive community in the World. We strongly believe everyone deserves a great career in Dynamics.

There are many communities that support women to proactively apply for tech roles, build skills and grow within their organizations. Our goals with Women in Dynamics are different. We want to grow all-up diversity in the Dynamics community, with an initial focus on the gender gap. Identify & understand the challenges in our community so we can help drive positive change and increase the representation of women in C-level positions in the Dynamics community to at least 30% in each business.


To grow all-up diversity in the Dynamics community, with an initial focus on the gender gap.


Identify & understand the challenges in our community so we can help drive positive change.


Increase representation of women in C-level positions in the Dynamics community to at least 30% in each business.



Promoting inclusivity in the Dynamics Community.


Shape the Dynamics community into the most diverse & inclusive community in the world.

You can meet Women in Dynamics at DynamicsMinds Conference at their booth or by joining a special event within the regular conference program dedicated to Women in Dynamics Technologies.

Let’s empower ourselves and others by respecting and appreciating what makes us different. That's where the ⭐real magic⭐ lies.

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