Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Conference
PRE-DAY: MAY 26May 27 – 29, 2024 | Portoroz, Slovenia, Europe

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Docentric is a group of highly skilled IT professionals who have dedicated their lives to becoming experts in Microsoft technologies with focus on Dynamics 365. Besides the technology, we are passionate about the community even more. We love blogging, forums, user groups, community events of all shapes and sizes, which we support as attendees, speakers and sponsors.

Our product, Docentric for Dynamics 365, has grown thanks to community feedback and from day one, we’ve been delivering a top-quality product completely free of charge, known as Docentric Free Edition. We proudly consider ourselves to be a community-first, community-driven and community-friendly Microsoft ISV Partner.

As big community enthusiasts who love to connect and share, we decided to take a rather bold step and organize a community conference ourselves. We have been working day and night, putting in all the effort to bring you a very special event. And oh, how glad we are that we dared to do it! The first edition of DynamicsMinds came to life in May 2023 and it was, no kidding, spectacular.

We had a blast with 152 awesome sessions, workshops and roundtable discussions covering FO, BC, CE and Power Platform, 20 extra Fifth Track sessions diving into Business-, Partner-, Community- and Diversity & Inclusion topics, award ceremony that praised the greatest contributors in our community and a very special keynote with Microsoft BizApps leaders. We got to hang out with 125 amazing speakers, including MVPs, experts, Microsoft leaders and community legends. More than 600 attendees from all corners of the globe joined us – true BizApps enthusiasts, just like us! All of this was made possible, thanks to the support from 37 sponsors and supporters.

It was an incredible event and we are determined to do it all over again in 2024. Get ready for another unforgettable experience!

Docentric Partner Solution Showcases

Docentric Free Edition – what can it do for your D365FO projects?

Sanja Kolundžija

Dynamics 365 FO Software Architect @ DOCENTRIC

Docentric is a group of highly skilled IT professionals who have dedicated their lives to becoming experts in Microsoft technologies with focus on Dynamics 365. Our product, Docentric for Dynamics 365, has grown thanks to community feedback and from day one, we’ve been delivering a top-quality product completely free of charge, known as Docentric Free Edition.
During this session we will talk about some of the most wanted missing features around the D365FO document generation and distribution, and we will demonstrate how Docentric Free Edition comes to the rescue. Join us to see why 2.000+ companies rely on completely free improvements that this product brings to the community. Some of the features you will see in action are:
• Print destinations as you expect them to be.
• Finally useful Print archive.
• Improved document management attachments.
• License Plate Labels simplified.
• Comfortable and flexible Email Templates for Alert and Workflow notifications.
• Alerts++.
• Print management tools and hacks.
• And more…

Miha Vuk

Dynamics AX/365FO Software Architect and Technical Fellow @ DOCENTRIC

Simplify the Creation (Design) of Common Warehouse Documents and Labels

In every warehouse, various documents and labels are created to support the operations. Every business likes to have their own templates, so these documents are always modified to the customer’s needs.

In this session, we will demonstrate the most typical warehouse processes with the focus on generating the accompanying documents and labels. As we go through the process, we will show how you can easily customize them with Docentric and adjust them to your requirements, avoiding customizations and complex ZPL coding.

Jan Jusup

Partner @ InterRadish

We speak your bank’s language! Optimize banking, treasury operations and payment documents in D365FO with SKsoft and Docentric

SKsoft’s Treasury Automation Suite (TAS) for D365 is flexible, scalable automation software that helps enterprises in every industry optimize banking and treasury operations directly within the D365 platform. With payment formats for banks around the world included out-of-the-box, SKsoft can connect D365 to your financial institution and provide increased efficiencies to payments, reconciliation, and other banking activities. Learn how SKsoft can improve security, automation, and efficiency for any processing between you and your bank.
Besides the awesome treasury solution, you will see in live demo how to customize payment documents such as Bank payment advice and Debit remittance advice with Docentric in no time, using plain MS Word! As Docentric also improves the way the business documents in D365FO are secured, distributed, emailed, printed and archived, you will see all that in action for the documents used in TAS 🤩

Jovica Živković

Technical Consultant @ Docentric

Chuck Schroeder

Senior Solution Architect @ SKSoft

Kevin Casselman

Director of Software Development @ SKSoft

Community Sessions

Emailing tips, tricks and troubleshooting

Miha Vuk

Dynamics 365 FO Software Architect @ DOCENTRIC

Emailing seems straightforward, but there are many challenges related to it. In this session we will do a deep dive how to create rich personalized emails and how to distribute them securely and reliably through various channels. We will learn about different email providers and authentications (including Graph and SMTP OAuth2 replacement for deprecated basic authentication), email relays, throttling, mass/bulk email sending service (like SendGrid). We will also learn some basic email server setup and what can go wrong and how to do troubleshooting.
When you massively email documents and other emails from your FO, all these are important. The session is based on 5+ years of experience of solving emailing challenges for many customers.

Where is Electronic Reporting today and what has changed

Albin Lotrič

Senior Technical Consultant - Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O @ DOCENTRIC

In this session, we will review how Electronic Reporting has evolved over the last five years. We will discuss what was missing in the beginning and how Microsoft has continued to add features and see them in short demos. We will also discuss what we are still missing and how ER could become a better tool.

Lessons Learned from D365FO ALM Trenches

Ivan Kaselj

Solution Architect and Community Evangelist @ DOCENTRIC

Ivan is a proficient software development expert with in-depth knowledge of Dynamics AX and FO development. Initially contributing to development and subsequently leading the FO team at MS partner BE-terna, he currently heads the Docentric AX Product team. Ivan’s expertise spans ERP, EAI, and WEB development, reflecting his commitment to innovation. Regarded as a respected figure in the software development, Ivan excels in guiding both individual developers and teams towards success.

Who Is Helping Us

Our precious Committee, our brilliant community influencers and MVPs, Microsoft as well as all our other heroic sponsors, and many more community enthusiasts and supporters 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️. So happy and grateful to have them onboard 🙏🙏🙏. We’re all hyped up and investing everything we’ve got to make the conference ⭐perfect⭐. It’s all so exciting! Can’t wait to happen 😊.

You Say This Is a Community Conference. Why Are You Charging for the Conference Tickets?

Because of the amazing venue, delicious food and drinks, fantastic parties including concerts, DJs and entertainers, fancy t-shirts, swag bags and other gadgets for all attendees, organization of the whole event on site, etc.

We wanted the whole experience to be awesome. Why? Because we deserve it!

Is It Worth My Time and Money?

Are you passionate about knowledge and technology? Are you genuinely curious to learn how things work and share your findings with like-minded people? Do you appreciate meeting the community icons, MVPs and influencers in-person, attending sessions held by the experts whose work you’ve followed for years? Do you enjoy exchanging your ideas and experiences with fellow professionals? Are you eager to share your thoughts and concerns on the current trends regarding both technology and partnership with Microsoft, and get the first-hand answers from the Microsoft representatives? Are you willing to grow, experience “aha” moments and take a step forward in your career?

Do you want to expand your professional network and reach new business opportunities? Are you interested in staying on top of the latest news from the community and Microsoft, including solution and service offerings from Dynamics Partners, which can benefit your projects? Do you want to have fun (like really fun)?

Want to 🚀 boost OUR community and ✨make it stronger and more connected?

Then come and join DynamicsMinds.

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