Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Conference
PRE-DAY: MAY 26May 27 – 29, 2024 | Portoroz, Slovenia, Europe

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Welcome to a new era of Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics! 

BI4Dynamics’s cloud architecture features a fully automated Data Warehouse and Semantic Layer, built on Fabric ensuring powerful self-service analysis, implemented in minutes. 

BI4Dynamics is a ready-to-use BI Solution that: 

  • Streamlines BI implementations and automates data transformation.  
  • Creates a comprehensive analytical model with 2000 BI fields. 
  • Provides companies with complete business insights in a matter of hours. 
  • Comes with 150+ Plug-and-Play Power BI templates made on best practices.  
  • Empowers users to customize BI projects without programming. 

Join 1000+ customers saving time on modeling and gaining more insights!  

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