Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Conference
PRE-DAY: MAY 26May 27 – 29, 2024 | Portoroz, Slovenia, Europe

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Mavim is an Ai enabled business process management platform that creates a dynamic, 360° interactive representation of your current business processes— what Gartner refers to as a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) and what we call the Mavim ProcessVerse. Mavim enables you to see what your company is today and where you can take it in the future. With Mavim, you can:

            • Build an accurate blueprint of specific business processes

            • Create a digital twin of your entire organization or your ProcessVerse

            • Define risks and bottlenecks in your current processes

            • Improve organizational agility and implement process improvements

            • Save money and boost your bottom line increasing operational efficiencies

SPEAKERS: Lenard van Leuven and Sam Dharmasiri


Why do Dynamics 365 implementations take longer then expected or even fail at all? Is it because your requirements do not fit with the out of the box features in Dynamics 365? Or, is there a misalignment in the way you work and how Dynamics 365 expects you to work? Learn how the combination of Seer 365 and Mavim provide the essential insights for a successful Dynamics 365 implementation based on these two questions:


“How well do the Dynamics 365 Business processes fit with how we work”


“How well do the Dynamics 365 features fit to my requirements”


ADRIA II, May 28, 11:15

SPEAKERS: Lenard van Leuven and Rachel Profitt


In this magical session we’ll show and tell you how you can do quicker time to value and better aligned Dynamics 365 implementations. Using the Microsoft Business Process Catalog inside the Mavim BPM platform allows you to streamline all phases of a Dynamics 365 implementation project. After go-live your business processes in Mavim evolve into a DTO (Digital Twin of the Organization) and becomes your Microsoft Copilot enabled single source of truth on the way you work.


So with this Business process driven implementation approach you increase customer satisfaction, reduce implementations risks, increase time to value and reduce costs down the line and drive continuous improvement post go-live.


End-to-end visibility and AI enabled insights for everyone.


SUNSET, May 29, 11:15

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