Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Conference
PRE-DAY: MAY 26May 27 – 29, 2024 | Portoroz, Slovenia, Europe

Tag: 5th Track

This year we're enriching DynamicsMinds Conference with Partner BizTrack, an exclusive set of sessions for C-level executives and business development managers at Microsoft Partner companies...
In a world buzzing with AI excitement, let's get real about what truly matters—our human side and how we connect with each other. Join this down-to-earth session to pick up quick tips on how to be a better person...
Want to become a public speaker but not sure where to start? Are you like us an introvert and don't think it's for you? Join this session to learn about how two introverts got into public speaking...


An Awesome Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Community Conference

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