Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Conference
PRE-DAY: MAY 26May 27 – 29, 2024 | Portoroz, Slovenia, Europe

Why attend the DynamicsMinds Conference?

We organize a new live Microsoft Dynamics conference this May in Europe and people ask me why to attend it. It depends from which technology you are and what your role is, but I can explain some key benefits that apply to most people.

For each of the technology (FO, BC, CE, PP) tracks there will be multiple (parallel) sessions covering technical, development, functional and business aspects and also first-hand experiences from users and implementation partners. The conference will take place just after the release wave 1 2023, so some news from this wave will be presented in depth and also the vision of the next steps.

Some speakers are respected community influencers (mostly MVPs), some are from Microsoft, some are also partners and regular users. Some timeslots are also reserved to sponsors to present their solutions.

Beside the technology tracks there will also be a 5th track devoted to various interesting cross-technology topics like MS partnership, business, community, MVPs, project management, inclusion, self-growth, etc.

We try to offer some topics for everyone, but the biggest added value is the fact that it is a live conference where you can meet people relevant for you or your job face-to-face. You can ask them questions, ask them about your issues, or just know them better. Many top names from the world will be there.
There will be plenty of opportunities to get to know your old and new friends thanks to social events, breaks and even dedicated spots to chat with experts. In my experience the more people you know and the better you understand how the community works, the easier it is to work and solve everyday problems.

As MS Dynamics is a product suite and different products are often used/implemented together (FO/BC+PP+CE+PowerBI) there is an added value that the conference covers them all. I have been on three such conferences so far and they were all very valuable and beneficial for me. But the last one was in Europe in 2019, so we decided to start one by ourselves 🙂

While the public call for speakers is open, we already have about 50 featured speakers invited before. We are also onboarding some key Microsoft experts and managers to have a strong Microsoft presence. We already have about 200 sessions submitted and we will announce the first accepted sessions in mid January. Sessions selection will last till the end of March and we will gradually add more sessions to the agenda, while the final agenda will be known at the beginning of April.

And last but not least: The place is great for IT conferences, especially at this time of the year. Usually in May the weather is good and you can really enjoy the Adriatic coast. The venue is right on the beach 🌴!

I hope you join #DynamicsMinds and share the magic 💫

– –
Miha Vuk, D365FO Solution Architect



An Awesome Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Community Conference

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