Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Conference
PRE-DAY: MAY 26May 27 – 29, 2024 | Portoroz, Slovenia, Europe

Workshops Pre-Day, May 26

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From Deep Dive and Practical Experience to Tips & Tricks Workshops 👉 Learn from the BEST experts in the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community! 

Finance and Operations Workshops

André Arnaud de Calavon

Solution Architect

Extensible Data Security (XDS) for Dynamics 365 F&O

In this workshop, you will learn the concepts of record-based security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O. The workshop will start with an introduction (presentation), thereafter you can practice yourself with exercises where you will start with no-code policies. Also, more advanced exercises will be conducted where you can learn how to use temporary tables as input for the policies that need to be filled using x++ coding. The session is based on BYOS and BYODE. BYOS – Bring your own Scenario: There will be time at the end of the session to discuss your scenarios/requirements for record-based security. BYODE – Bring your own Development Environment: As a pre-requisite, ensure you have a laptop with access to an F&O development environment and access to two user accounts to be able to manage security roles and settings and test your own policies having a security role assigned. (Contact me in case you can’t have access to two user accounts. There might be a solution.)

Adrià Ariste Santacreu

Dynamics 365 F&O Technical Architect @ HELLMANN WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS SE & CO. KG

APIM-cadabra! Add magic to Dynamics 365 F&O with Azure API Management

In this workshop, we will learn why Azure API management is the best friend Dynamics 365 F&O can have when building integrations.

1. Introduction
2. What’s wrong with F&O web services?
3. Introduction to API Management
4. API Management setup
5. Authenticating to F&O automagically
6. APIM policies: adding headers, transforming requests and repsonses
7. Don’t trust anyone: logging in APIM
8. Open discussion and Q&A.

Boštjan Golob

Principal Software Engineer On The Warehouse Management Team Of The Dynamics 365 SCM Product

Configuring Dynamics 365 SCM Warehouse Management for efficient picking and receiving

Top of mind for Warehouse managers is the overall efficiency of warehouse operations – moving as much inventory with as litte effort as possible. In this year’s Warehouse Managment Configuration workshop, we will look at configuration for different picking and receiving flows. On the outbound side, we will look at strategies such as cluster order picking (both manually created and system directed cluster picking) and picking multiple orders with the use of packing station and sorting. On the inbound side, we will look at features including cluster putaway, how to manage inbound loads and the new load receiving completed confirmation flow.

Nathan Clouse

Technical Architect @ ENVISTA LLC

Migration of the Data Realms: Dynamics 365 Finance and Operatoins Odyssey

In the shadowed depths of data’s abyss, we embark on a treacherous journey through the digital netherworld. This is the “Migration of the Data Realms: Dynamics 365 Odyssey,” a thunderous, metal-fueled saga of transporting data to the enigmatic lands of Dynamics 365. Here, we face monstrous challenges and seek the arcane wisdom of migration techniques such as DMF, various APIs, Recurring Integrations, Logic Apps, OData, and Dual-Write. Armed with best practices as our mighty axes, we navigate through the perilous pitfalls and seek solutions amidst the digital maelstrom. This presentation is not merely a talk; it’s a battle cry for all data warriors braving the daunting quest of Dynamics 365 data migration! 🤘🔥

Rachel Profitt

Principal Program Manager @ MICROSOFT

Finance and Operations, Customer Engagement and Power Platform Workshop

Andrew Welch

CTO & Founder @

Introduction to Ecosystem-Oriented Architecture

This half-day workshop will help attendees jump into the world of ecosystem-oriented architecture (EOA) and begin their own journeys as ecosystem architects themselves. Microsoft customers, partners, and technologists have focused on workload implementation for many years. EOA is an emerging, new approach wherein organizations use many different cloud technologies to build “cloud ecosystems” that are future-ready, able to grow and change with new technologies as they are introduced. We will introduce core concepts in ecosystem-oriented architecture, consider the principles of EOA and how to apply them (Composability, Restraint, Evolution, Platform-First, Artistry, and Following the Money), and will conclude with exercises through which attendees will try their hand at applying these principles to real-world scenarios. Additionally, the workshop will show how technologists can harness the transformative power of low-code platforms within ecosystem architecture, enabling them to rapidly innovate and realize solutions with greater efficiency and creativity. Solution architects, enterprise architects, and aspiring ecosystem architects can join to begin their journey with EOA and its most important technologies, learning to leverage low-code solutions as a vital component of their architectural toolbox.

Ana Demeny

Technology Architect

Luca Pellegrini

Luca Pelegrini

Enterprise Architect @ MCB Advisors

Alexandra Coptil

Alexandra Coptil

Global channel sales engineering leader @ Leapwork

Hands-on Best Practice Workshop on D365 and Power Platform Test Automation

Regression testing workshop for your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects. We will address the importance of Test Automation and go through the main Test Automation tools including new RSAT features and Leapwork. With hands-on exercises in a pre-prepared test environment, you will gain practical knowledge, questions answered, and tips & tricks served.


  1. Applying a Visual Language to D365 ERP Test Automation
  2. Testing and Maintaining the full end-to-end journey across platforms
  3. Code-free Test Automation Suite in Practice
  4. Scaling performance Testing Without Code


Tommy Skaue

Senior FastTrack Solution Architect at Microsoft

Denis Macchinetti

Denis Macchinetti

Partner at Deloitte Consulting Srl

Business Central Workshops

AJ Ansari


Source Code Management (SCM) for Dummies and smart Business Central Developers who aren't using Git yet

If your idea of source code management (SCM) is adding comments with two // in your code, I have news for you. That’s not really SCM. It may have been the common way to do it in NAV, but there is a better, more effective way of doing it in AL with Visual Studio Code. I will teach you in a way that is simple and straight-forward so that you can put it to use right away on your projects. Where you are a single developer or work in a team of developers, it will make your life easier and it will save you and your customers a lot of time, tears, and money over the long run.

Luc van Vugt

Sr. BC Developer Enthuser @ FLUXXUS.NL

Creating a Test Plan and Test Design to get easily, and structured, to AL coded tests

In this workshop you will learn how to build a Test Plan and Test Design which will allow you to easily code the test scenarios in AL. As test automation is a team effort, both functional and technical roles will suffice from this workshop.

Business Central and Power Platform Workshops

Roberto Corella

Business Central & Power Platform Developer @ Dynasoft 2008 Slu

Extending Business Central with Model Driven Apps

Integrating Business Central with Dataverse opens a world of possibilities to extend its functionality using Power Apps. In this workshop, we will present a use case through which we will extend the functionality of the jobs module developing a Model Driven Power App that complements the information of the machine-type resources and will allow us to carry detailed management of the equipment: specific information, associated manuals, preventive maintenance… To achieve this, we will perform: 1. Customized integration of Business Central with Dataverse. 2. Design of a basic model-driven app for the management of machine-type resources using the data coming from Business Central. The intention is that attendees leave the workshop with basic knowledge of the design of a model-driven app and open their sights to extend the functionality of Business Central outside the ERP itself.

Raul Bogajo

D365/Power Platform Consultant

Victor Dantas

Victor Dantas

Director Of Software Development @ Eyedeas Inc, Digital Transformation Agent, Power Community Ambassador

Building Power Pages sites connected to Business Central From Zero To Hero Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey in this session as we guide you through the art of harnessing Power Pages, coupled with the intelligence of Copilot and seamless integration with Dataverse and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central through Virtual Tables. Whether for clients, partners, vendors, or customers, this workshop is tailored to empower you in creating dynamic Customer Experience Portals. AGENDA Environment Setup and Configuration of Power Pages: Learn the intricacies of setting up and configuring your environment for optimal Power Pages utilization. Designing and Building Experiences using Power Pages and Copilot: Dive into the collaborative world of Power Pages and Copilot as we construct using AI. Gain hands-on experience that will enable you to effectively use and demonstrate this powerful combination. Configuring Site Authentication for External and Anonymous Users: Understand the importance of secure access: Walk through the process of configuring site authentication to provide a seamless and protected experience for both external and anonymous users. Adding Data to Your Power Pages for Business Central implementations: Explore the seamless integration capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, allowing you to enrich your portals with relevant and real-time data. By the end of this session, you will not only possess the skills to build captivating Customer Experience Portals but also comprehend how these portals can strategically extend data and processes to external users. Join us in this immersive experience, where Power Pages, Copilot, and AI converge to redefine the possibilities of portal development.

Customer Engagement Workshops

Malin Martnes

CEO at MaCoTraAS

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys

Audience People from any technology background and any experience, interested in adding the marketing tool Customer Insights – Journeys to their portfolio. Outcome Attendees will understand what CI-J is and what functionalities you have in the system. You’ll learn more about the changes that are happening in the system and how they will affect you and your company. They’ll also see how this marketing automation tool separates from the other marketing tools on the market. Description In CI-J you need to do the initial setup for the system to work as intended, you also need to think about GDPR. How should you do this initial setup and what are some of the settings you need to be aware of. To know who your customers are and whom you’re going to focus your marketing on you need to create segments. We’ll see how that’s done and what you need to consider while building your segments. Every marketing automation tool needs a good email editor, how does the one in CI-J work and what are some of the things you need to be aware of when working with e-mail and the editor. Journeys is where you organize all your efforts, which emails you want to send out, to whom and when. This is the tool that binds all your previous efforts together. One of the modules where CI-J separates the most from other marketing tools is the event module. We’re going to go through some of what makes this module so special. Agenda Modul 1: Initial setup Modul 2: Segments Modul 3: Forms and pages Modul 4: Email Modul 5: Journeys Modul 6: Event

Neil Parkhurst

Director at NP Dynamics Limited

Omnichannel Sorcerer's Apprenticeship

Join the “grand old wizard” Neil Parkhurst for a deep dive into the mystical world of Omnichannel. As Neil’s apprentice you will learn how to harness some powerful spells. The aim of this workshop will be to support you building a trial / demo of Omnichannel for Customer Service. Something that you can takeaway as your own “spell book” to get you started with this exciting magic.

Customer Engagement and Power Platform Workshops

Benedikt Bergmann

Application Lifecycle Management for the Power Platform

No matter how big a company or an implementation is a professional and stable Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process should always be in place. This is also necessary when it comes to Power Platform projects. The ALM part of the project is often handled with too little priority or not done at all. This behavior could lead to problems in the long run.

In this course, you will learn the basics of ALM in general as well as in respect to the Power Platform. During this training you will learn and setup everything you need to implement a healthy ALM process in your organization. There will be several labs with prepared tasks so that you can apply what you have previously learned. During the course there will be enough time to ask questions and discuss problems you face too. The course will be held in English and is led by Benedikt Bergmann, CRMK.

Power Platform Workshops

David Yack

CTO at Colorado Technology Consultants, Inc.

Hands-on building Dataverse low-code plug-ins

Get hands on experience using low-code Power Fx to build automations that used to require traditional coding to accomplish. Learn how to build low-code plug-ins using Power Fx that can be used on demand from Power Apps or Power Automate or triggered by Dataverse table events. We will explore the different types of plug-ins you can build and how to build them.

Lisa Crosbie

Technology Evangelist @ Barhead Solutions

Build Your Own Copilot with Microsoft Copilot Studio

Ready to discover the magic of building your own Copilot? In this interactive and fun hands-on workshop you will get a clear understanding of all the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot and when, why, and how to use it. You will leave with the skills and knowledge to build your own Copilot connected to your business data, including:
– How to build structured turn by turn conversations for specific scenarios
– How to use generative answers to create Copilots connected to your existing websites, documents and SharePoint sites
– How to connect your Copilot to other business systems with Power Platform connectors, plugins and Azure AI Studio

We will wrap up with an open Q&A session so bring along your questions and ideas for use cases.

Lisa is known for her popular YouTube tutorials on Copilot and Power Platform and her ability to make technical content easy for beginners – no prior knowledge or experience is needed for this workshop.

Please bring your own laptop and charger for the hands on components. If your work laptop is locked down with a lot of security please bring a personal laptop.

Raphael Pothin

Power Platform & Devops Enthusiast

Improve Power Platform developer’s experience with GitHub

“GitHub is the home for all developers”. From Codespaces making a developer’s onboarding frictionless, to Copilot who could apply for the title of best pair-programmer, without forgetting Advanced Security really making security part of the development flow, this platform has lot of strengths. Through key use cases from the daily work of a Power Platform developer, you will be able to explore how these capabilities can enhance their experience. Whether you are interested in contributing to the Power Platform open-source ecosystem or your company is using GitHub, join us to get valuable insights into how you can leverage this powerful platform to enhance your developers’ experience.

Charlie Phipps

Director @ Zaptica

Navigating Accessibility in the Power Platform & Copilot Era: An Immersive Experience

Join us at DynamicsMinds for a pivotal session on Mastering Accessibility in the Power Platform. This workshop is designed to provide you with a new perspective on accessibility and give you skills to create accessible solutions. Featuring industry experts Charlie Phipps and Rory Neary. Discover how accessible design benefits everyone and how to incorporate these practices into your work. During this workshop we will cover:

· What is Accessibility?

· The European Accessibility Act and You

· LAB: Hands-On Accessibility Simulation

· LAB: Power Platform Accessibility

· Are Copilot and AI Accessible

· Continuing the Accessibility Journey

We begin by exploring the fundamentals: What is accessibility, and why is it important in our technological world? Delve into the core principles that make digital spaces inclusive for all users, regardless of their abilities.

The discussion then shifts to the European Accessibility Act, providing insights into the legislative framework that guides digital accessibility standards in Europe. Understand how this act impacts your organisation and the steps needed to comply.

Experience accessibility first-hand with our ‘Accessibility Simulation.’ This interactive segment offers a unique perspective, simulating various accessibility challenges to deepen your understanding and empathy.

Focusing on the Power Platform, we dissect both theoretical and practical aspects of accessibility within the ecosystem. Learn how Power Platform is advancing accessibility, and how you can leverage its features to create more inclusive applications.

Of course, we can’t ignore the hot topic that is Copilot and AI. How can Copilots deliver accessible results and content, and do they help with creating solutions and designs that work for people with different assistive needs?

We provide guidance on starting your journey towards enhanced accessibility and maintaining momentum. Whether you’re new to accessibility or looking to advance your existing initiatives, this session offers valuable insights and actionable strategies.

Rory Neary

Power Platform Trainer and Consultant @ Dataspinners Ltd

Fausto Capellan Jr

Consultant at PowerApps911 - PowerApps Consulting

Power Apps and Power Automate Hands-On

Embark on a journey into Power Apps and Power Automate with this hands-on workshop. This workshop offers a dynamic and interactive experience, allowing participants to delve into the creation of Power Apps canvas apps and streamline processes through automation with Power Automate. Attend this workshop to gain firsthand experience in building and deploying business solutions using these amazing Power Platform tools.

Before the conference, the workshop speakers will reach out to registered attendees and give them tips and instructions on how to prepare effectively for the upcoming workshop.

Skill up your knowledge 💪 by learning from the community legends whose work you’ve been following for years!

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